About Us

GTC Group was formed with a vision of one man, our founder, Late B. S. Goel, who always believed in providing superior services to its customers at reasonable prices

We started with simple transport services in 1997 and expanded later to include warehousing, customer support and other activities to turn into a logistics company.


Our Mission

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Global Presence

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Group Of Companies

Pet Travel Pvt. Ltd

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Real Estate

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IT Solutions

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Pet Relocations

We Help To Relocate Pet From Source To Destinations.

Real Estate

Dream Project & Properties Sales


Portals For Buy, Sell & Re-Sales Too.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions For Business Purposes

Our Visions & Missions

Visions that are planned by the strategic and planned achievements through out the organisation.

At best, we continually strive to improve upon our leadership position by always exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We never forget that, each day, our reputation must be built anew by providing outstanding products and services to our customers.

To this end, we are committed to providing safe & quality products, namely homes and finest services manned by an elite corps of professional people whose mission is to make every interaction a pleasurable experience

Our vision is to be a leader in providing environment friendly technology based solutions that improve product, quality, effectiveness & efficiency.

The Team Behind

At GTC GROUP we believe no job can be executed without proper team-work.

Hence we lay extremely strong emphasis on well coordinated team-work.

Each individual at GTC GROUP shares a sense of unity within themselves which motivates them to deliver and perform better.


129, Growmore Towers,Plot no.5, Station Road,Sector-2, Kharghar,
Navi Mumbai - 410210
Phone: 022 - 27742292 / 022 - 32128899